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Imagining birth of a genre

Nog image
A meme born out of innate need to understand how a photo is interpreted

It all started in the middle of this movie. The director somehow was pushing for a
low-key visual style. From the script of a family drama, this movie was turning
into a flee market crime thriller. Off the sets, love triangle between the heroine, the hero and the director, frankly was not helping either.

Frailing nerves, smoldering temperaments were an everyday occurrence. At some point during the mid summer filming, the director just let go of the script. A genre of film-making was born. Film noir. The off set intrigues and sexual games were being played out on the sets.

Climax of this movie was faithful to the antiques which went on during the shooting. Director slipped out the fact that the hero was two timing with the heroine’s sister. Camera was ready to capture what would transpire between the hero and the heroine, when the hero arrives. Director did get an ending with a nog.

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