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Better have some footage

Yuri Void Smith pulled many strings to get his team out there. With ‘back to nature’ being the theme, he needed back of beyond look and feel. What better place than Amazonian jungles! With hippie scene coming to an end. This was probably last breath of life to the culture which was cherished by YVS as he was known.

But it was not to be. The whole team just disappeared without trace. As if sucked away by the parallel universe. YVS personally went to Brazil to find his favorite model and photographer. But returned empty handed. His flare for designing cloth lines weathered away leaving the skeletal self. The house of YVS designs from being centre stage of paris haute coutre got disappeared into obscurity.

Wild Joe would have made good cowboy, but he became a journalist. Adventurer at heart, each opportunity to be out there fills him with sudden surge of energy. Working for powerful news syndicate, he has been quite successful. But instead of sitting on his laurels, he was hungry for more.

He was asked to board a plan to Brazil to cover bio-fuel story. How bio-fuel production could adversely Amazonian forest reserve? He jumped at the opportunity. By next evening, he was busy conceptualizing a pan shot from a chopper to show cutting down of trees. Morning was very different from what Wild Joe had conceptualized. 10 mins into flight they saw Orange and Black people.

BBC by the night was blurting out details of a ‘uncontacted indigenous tribes’. YVS who was watching the news with usual disinterest just stood up. ‘So finally they have been found’ came out the words from his mouth ‘They better have some footage’.


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