Finding my way to perfect photo

Chain se sona ho to jaag jaiye

Photowalking at Okhla Bird Sanctuary, originally uploaded by Aditi Pany.

In the news headlines today, boat mounted robbers have been spotted ferrying in Yamuna. For our viewers, who have not been following this story, these robbers ferry through the river netting all the fishes and fauna.

Apart from reducing our access to food, they enjoy slinging there catch around to poke fun on us. As you can see in our visual, they go around in group of four. They carry heavy equipment to trap our precious fresh water fishes. They don’t even spare the ducks and other fauna found in the river catchment area.

With that viewers can vote on todays ‘fresh debate’:
Question is ‘If caught how should robbers be treated’?
a) Hanged
b) Lynched
c) Quartered
d) All of the above

Viewers can SMS their answers a,b,c,d at 56789. You can also loggon to
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Story by kaa


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  1. Hey !!

    That’s a really cool interpretation..

    I’ll write mine tonight !!

    Comment by Forced_Ambitions | May 30, 2008 | Reply

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