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Silk route

Delhi, India, originally uploaded by babasteve.

“It is a long and hard journey” my father said before we packed our load of turquoise beads. From Taksila near Indus to Isfahan. He said it is a priced item in markets of Isfahan, the largest town on Silk route. How would I to know. We collected these beads on banks of the river. It was just a great game.

For the first time, I was leaving my town. Half way through the journey, the caravan was attacked by White Huns. I saw my father being chopped into pieces. Beads scattered all around his body. I was the only survivor. I walked till I fainted. When I gained conciousness I was here. Since then I serve the lord in this unknown place away from where I come from. This is my new home.

Stories by kaa and dipankar


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