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Chain se sona ho to jaag jaiye

Photowalking at Okhla Bird Sanctuary, originally uploaded by Aditi Pany.

In the news headlines today, boat mounted robbers have been spotted ferrying in Yamuna. For our viewers, who have not been following this story, these robbers ferry through the river netting all the fishes and fauna.

Apart from reducing our access to food, they enjoy slinging there catch around to poke fun on us. As you can see in our visual, they go around in group of four. They carry heavy equipment to trap our precious fresh water fishes. They don’t even spare the ducks and other fauna found in the river catchment area.

With that viewers can vote on todays ‘fresh debate’:
Question is ‘If caught how should robbers be treated’?
a) Hanged
b) Lynched
c) Quartered
d) All of the above

Viewers can SMS their answers a,b,c,d at 56789. You can also loggon to
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Story by kaa


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Silk route

Delhi, India, originally uploaded by babasteve.

“It is a long and hard journey” my father said before we packed our load of turquoise beads. From Taksila near Indus to Isfahan. He said it is a priced item in markets of Isfahan, the largest town on Silk route. How would I to know. We collected these beads on banks of the river. It was just a great game.

For the first time, I was leaving my town. Half way through the journey, the caravan was attacked by White Huns. I saw my father being chopped into pieces. Beads scattered all around his body. I was the only survivor. I walked till I fainted. When I gained conciousness I was here. Since then I serve the lord in this unknown place away from where I come from. This is my new home.

Stories by kaa and dipankar

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Imagining birth of a genre

Nog image
A meme born out of innate need to understand how a photo is interpreted

It all started in the middle of this movie. The director somehow was pushing for a
low-key visual style. From the script of a family drama, this movie was turning
into a flee market crime thriller. Off the sets, love triangle between the heroine, the hero and the director, frankly was not helping either.

Frailing nerves, smoldering temperaments were an everyday occurrence. At some point during the mid summer filming, the director just let go of the script. A genre of film-making was born. Film noir. The off set intrigues and sexual games were being played out on the sets.

Climax of this movie was faithful to the antiques which went on during the shooting. Director slipped out the fact that the hero was two timing with the heroine’s sister. Camera was ready to capture what would transpire between the hero and the heroine, when the hero arrives. Director did get an ending with a nog.

Another post by kaa and dipankar

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Life of pi: teachings on street photography

Life of Pi by Yann Martel is an interesting book. It has been on book shelves for years (not mine). I randomly started reading it at friend’s place. It is addictive. What stuck me, apart from how fictious seems real, is the mention of comfort zones.

Author mentions this in context of zoo keeping. “At least in a well-kept zoo, an animal’s comfort zone is protected and all of its needs are satisfied”. Also if these comfort zones are trespassed often, it can have adverse effect on the animal health. Interestingly it compares this environment to the human zoo as well.

How far is it from truth? Practicing street photography, will provide quite similar insight. There are comfort zones beyond which people feel perturbed by your presence more so with your camera. Getting a great frame is to go as close as possible without invoking feeling of trespassing. The moment that feeling is created, you have lost your chance.

Few tips on how to make this possible:

  • Dress to look inconspicuous: Dress simple. Try local dressing if you have similar skin tonality as local.
  • Carry 200 mm lens at minimum: Although it depends on your body language and how comfortable people can be around you. But while walking off the street and clicking a candid shot. This is the kind of distance required for capturing that moment in true sense.
  • Pay in kindness: Never pay money for taking a shot. It sets a bad precedent. Talk to the person you have trying to capture. Tell them why and what do you want to photograph. Asked them if they would like to photographed and how. It also weaves a story in your head. What is the point of a picture without a story?
  • Try to get as close as possible: There is nothing like too closely framed portrait. Point above is important for this to happen

Leaving it with a shot:
Rabangla Tibeten settlement, Sikkim, India

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